Becoming a Shop Manager

To become a shop manager, petition the coordinating committee for membership.

Shop Manager Petition contents

  • Full name
  • Email
  • Organization
  • Which food pantry do you want to develop software for?
  • List the systems, features, or components that you propose your Shop would work on.
  • The composition, structure, and organization of the shop (number of developers, experience of developers, frequency of meetings, and the term of the shop (e.g., number of semesters, weeks, etc.))
  • Agree to uphold the values of LibreFoodPantry
  • Agree to regularly attend coordinating committee meetings
  • Agree to join and participate in community communication channels -- currently:
  • If the existing meeting time for the coordinating committee does not work for the individual, a list of days and times that would.

The coordinating committee reviews the petition and determines whether to appoint the applicant as a shop manager.