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Issue Trackers#

Most communication takes place on issues in our issue trackers. Use our issue trackers to:

  • Ask and answer questions.
  • Report and fix bugs.
  • Request new features and help design them.
  • Start and participate in discussions.
  • Provide feedback on all of the above.
  • Coordinate with other developers.

To do any of the above, visit the LibreFoodPantry group on GitLab, add select a project that most closely matches your issue. If no project matches or you aren't sure which is best, select LibreFoodPantry/Community. Then select Issues in the left menu. And then New Issue.

Be sure to customize your GitLab notification emails so that you stay informed about changes groups, projects, and/or issues that you are interested in.

Note that LibreFoodPantry projects are configured to send event notifications to #notification channels in Discord (see the section on Discord for more information). So that is another option to stay aware of what's going on.


Join us on Discord

Discord is a powerful communication tool marketed towards gamers. But you don't have to be a gamer to use it, and we use it for social good!

Please use our Discord server to:

  • Find mentors.
  • Ask questions and get help.
  • Chat with other community members.
  • Organize and participate in meetings.
  • Pair or mob programming.
  • Stay current with changes in the community and its projects.

Email Lists#