Issue Tracker


Most of the communication and work for LibreFoodPantry projects should be done through the LFP issue tracker by creating, commenting, and working on issues. Using the issue tracker helps us to maintain a history of what work has and is being done, avoids redundancy, keeps everyone on the same page, and promotes transparency since everything is publicly viewable. New issues can easily be created at any time, so if you see something that needs one, feel free to create one.


Labels are used to classify work that needs to be done, organize boards, and help teams coordinate.

At the top-level, LibreFoodPantry defines the Type::* family of labels. See the LibreFoodPantry Labels page. These classify work to help us prioritize and process issues.

Shops may define additional labels to help them coordinate. In general, labels should be defined as low in the Group/Project hierarchy as possible.


Scoped labels have two colons and have the form Key::Value. Each issue can only have one Value for each Key. For example, given scoped labels Type::Bug and Type::Feature, an issue can only be labeled with one of these labels.